Let’s Test your Spiritual Development

Grace and Peace be unto you,

As I was praying and asking the Lord what to blog next, He showed me the quiz I just gave to my students in a Spiritual Development Class I’m teaching. so I want to be obedient and put this out. See if you have the anwers …..

1. Name three Attributes of God the Holy Spirit?

2.Who did the Charismatic Renewal Affect?

3.What was the tangible eviedence of the Charismatic Renewal that God gave ?

4.Speaking in other Tongues is what type of language?

5. When you speak in Tongues you are speaking from your ?

6.The gifts of the Holy Spirit can be centered arounf the Pastor of the Church. T or F

7. Name two primary virtues that are needed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to function and flow in the life of the believer?

8.Without looking in your Bible can you name the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

9.Give me the names of the Five-fold Ministry gifts to the body of Christ.

10. Explain or think on this: God is Body Concious.



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