Pentecost – what happened to it?

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I submit this post with an urgency in my spirit . But it’s also of a sad state of the church in our region. Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday and many people would ask me what is pentecost Sunday , is this some new Christian holiday or something and I tell them by no means it it a new holiday but a celebration of the birth of the Church of Jesus Christ. O you say, and I say yes the Church of Jesus Christ was birthed on Pentecost and we have so many celebrating every other holiday but the right holidays. Our Jewish brethren celebrate the feast of Pentecost which was or is the feast of Booths, but the church don’t celebrate Pentecost. Even Pentecostals don’t celebrate Pentecost. How we have gotten away from the foundation of our faith, if there was no Pentecost then all that we do in the name of The Lord would be for nothing. We cannot represent a kingdom of power and not demonstrate this power. So wake up church lets get it right, let’s acknowledge what heavens acknowledges and then we will see the power of God hear on earth as it is in heaven.

shalom, shalom lord help us to acknowledge you and your Holy Spirit and the church that is full of power and your might that we would represent you , in Jesus Name Amen


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