How do you know you have heard from God.

I was up this evening and one of my sons said to me hey dad how do you know you have heard the Lord speak to you. I at first gave him all the usual answers, God speaks through His word, the voice of the Holy Spirit, a still small voice, and he said I don’t get it but how does God speak , how can I know that God spoke to me. So I asked how do you play music, he said I hear the melodies, I said good so just think that God is giving you a melody to sing or to play and when you play it your playing what you hear in your head, he said yea, I said that’s how God speaks He speaks to you in ways that you can comprehend and you will give the message to someone else. Then my son said I understand that but really how does God speak. Then I realized that He was looking for the person of God to manifest that way He could see God. He said because I have doubts and fears. So the Holy Spirit had me speak with him for alittle while longer and then the Spirit of God said tell him this.

You know that mom and dad are preachers and teachers of Gods Word , he said yes I know, so do you think that when we preach that what we are teaching or preaching is not true , he said no it’s true , I said why? He said it’s because it’s Gods Word. I said true. I said but what are you gaining from what we are preaching or teaching? He said information! I said information about what? He said about God. I said then what is information about God he said its knowledge. I said correct. So the Lord showed me to tell him that when we get knowledge of what God is saying or what God wants us to do , if we know that we know it’s from God then we will begin to do it and walk in it and as we begin to do this it will removed the doubts and because the doubt is removed fear has no ground to stand on.

So if we have the knowledge of God about something and begin to apply ourselves with it, it removes doubt which intern would banish fear.

So when I said it to him he said oh I got it dad ,

So brothers and sisters the thing that will banish doubt and fear is the knowing that God has either told you to do something or called you to do something or said something to you. The assurance that you know that you heard from the Lord removes the doubt and fear and you can now walk in total victory.

So saints don’t be quick to push those children away they may be the ones to lead you into a deeper revelation of God.

Shalom,shalom in His service
Apostle Payne


New Wine Must be poured into New Winskins

I was looking over some notes and felt the Leading of the Lord to share. It maybe new to some but to others you may be familiar with the message. But no matter what it’s still helpful to the body of Christ.

Luke 5:36-38

For any true changes to take place and remain effective there must be a true structure to nurture and support it. Our desire is to return to the 1st Century Church, a Church that was true to the Great Commission and The Commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church then offered people fellowship, discipleship, worship, ministry and evangelism. Without this type of balance in the Body of Christ it will emphasize the purpose that expresses the gifts and passions of its leaders especially  the Pastor. The gifts and passions of the pastor would then limited to his or her specific mixing of gifts. The church must be lead by the pastor , but not limited by the pastor . There must be a balance and that is the key word here. So Brothers and Sisters who are Pastoring look for the new wine and give yourselves totally over the Holy Spirit as HE pours into us a fresh new Move of the Spirit.

Five Kinds of Churches

1. The Soul winning Church- the terms you’re likely to hear most often are witnessing, evangelism, salvation, altar calls and crusades. In this church, anything other than evangelism is considered and second role. The pastor sees his role as an evangelist.

2. Experiencing God Church- here the passion and gifts are in in the area of worship. They will be directed to experience the passion and gifts in the church through worship. Key terms are praise , prayer , worship, music, and the gifts of the spirit, power and revival. The pastor will instinctively lead the church into experiencing the presence of God through singing, praise and worship.

3. The Family Reunion Church- the church that focuses primarily on fellowship is shared by the pastor and they are highly relational, loves people, and spends most of their time caring for the needs of the people. The pastor becomes a chaplain. Key terms are love, belonging, fellowship, caring, relationship, potluck dinners, small groups, and fun. Most churches of this type have less than 200 members because that’s all that one person can personally handle.

4. The Classroom Church- the church views the primary role of the pastor as being a teacher. If teaching is the primary gift, then they will emphasize the preaching and teaching of the Word, and not the other purposes and gifts of the church. Members come to church with a notebook, take notes, and go home. Key words are expository preaching, bible study, Greek and Hebrew, doctrine, knowledge, truth and discipleship.

5. The Social Conscience Church- the pastor of this church views themselves as a prophet and reformer. This church will change the world through prophecy and taking stands against injustice and world causes and events. Using biblical references to support their stands is a primary tool. Key terms are: needs, serve, share, minister, take a stand and the do something mind set.

When speaking of the New Wine, all 5 of these type churches should not be splintered and separated but all 5 of these types of things should be in the 1st Century type Church that has new wine flowing in them. We will see all of the ministry gifts flowing and not just some of the ministry gifts.We need more 1st century type churches today.

So brothers and sisters ask the Father for New Wine, just know that there is a process to get the new wine but submit your self to the process and walk in the shoes of the saints from the first century where they turn their known world upside down. Amen