The Kingdom of Heaven- Matthew 13:1,2

While reading this scripture today, I began to go a little back to chapter 12:46 then began to read forward and the whole story began to come into prospective. Jesus who is the Master Teacher,  is teaching, casting out devils and doing what the Scriptures say that the Messiah should be doing. The family of Jesus came and wanted to gain access with the Master and it is interesting that He didn’t address them (Mother, brothers or sisters) but pointed to His disciples and called them His mother and brethren. because at this point in the life of Jesus it was not about the natural and earthly family but the heavenly/ Spiritual family that God His Father was having Him to acknowledge.( Remember that which is of the flesh is flesh but that which is of the Spirit is, Spirit. So I can see Jesus, not the Son of Joseph, but Jesus the Son of God, the Ruling , the Reigning, King of the earth, making a statement here.– You all still are seeing me according to the flesh and not by the Spirit. Then we see in chapter 13, Jesus left the house – probably upset that the people still don’t get who He is. He then sits at the sea shore, but then something happens I see Jesus then gets on a boat because of the masses that began to gather around Him and then He got into a ship the Bible says and sat and whole multitudes were on the shore and He began to say these parables or stories about the Kingdom of God. But wait!!!! before we get any further this scene reminds me of another scene in the Word of God, Revelations chapter 4 when the Lamb of God is sitting on the throne and the twenty and four Elders with the four beasts worship the Lord of All the earth before the sea of glass. So Jesus is really displaying how He will sit on the throne before the multitudes as He is sitting in the sea. in the boats before the multitude and it reflects what shall be done in the heavenlies or shall I say what had been done in the heavenlies. (Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven).


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