Prophets and Apostles come forth

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, It has been now 7 months since I last posted something on  WordPress,  so I apologize those following and I look to the Lord to give me what to post and things have been shut down so that I could regroup and clear things up.

God is faithful with all of His promises and I thank God for putting me also into the ministry. I would not change one thing in my life. In everything , give thanks to God.

On Yesterday I was in a service and the Word of the Lord that came to me was that, Jezebel was walking up and down in the church of the Lord and it is time for the Prophets and Apostles to get rid of her. Just like the Prophet Elijah had to deal with her and her prophets of the groves and the prophets that sat at her table 850 of them, when the Apostles and the Prophets are walking in the Power of the Spirit they would be able to take them on and eliminate jezebel.  It time for the men and women who know that they have Apostolic and Prophetic gifts to come forth and stop hiding, it is now time to come forth and help fight the good fight of faith. If your an apostle then acknowledge that’s what you are , if your a prophet then acknowledge that’s what you are. The Lord said many of these men and women have been hurt or scared to acknowledge the call. It is time that you not only acknowledge the call but begin to demonstrate the power of Almighty God in your church , region, city and state. Jezebel must be defeated. Apostle Payne



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