Perfection is possible

The question comes up often by the Lord to me when I ask other Christians is can we be perfect and the answer is that they say is no we can’t

But the truth is that we can be perfect because Jesus says in Matthew chapter 5 the last verse that we should be perfect even as our Father which is heaven is perfect and the apostle Paul throughout the epistles speaks of perfection and attaining it. As I was thinking on this the Lord says to me that this perfection is taking on the mind of Christ.
When we get the mind of Christ then we will be perfect because we will think like Christ , we will think like God.

When we get the mind of Christ we will not desires other things of this life or world we will be fee from the bond ages of this life. So as I was thinking or seeing what the Lord was saying is that any Christian that says that they have the mind of Christ but has any addictions, vices, or dependencies does not have the mind of Christ. They are or can be gaining the mind of christ but does not fully posses it. For to posses the mind of Christ will come a total dependency on Jesus and not other things.
Many of us have the things of this life that were still holding on too and we don’t want to let them go. So we do not possess the mind of Christ
For to have His mind you would want to do the things that only please the Lord.

This is walking in perfection or being perfect. Psalm 37 verse 37 says mark the perfect man if we can mark the perfect man then it is something that can be attained but we must be willing to get it.

One other person the Lord showed me was Moses he had the mind of chirst for he stayed 80 days in the presence of the lord with out eating or drinking for when you get to this level of walking with Christ aka the mind of Christ you will not desire the things that this world would need for you to live but you you will live by the faith of the son of God who loved you and gave himself for you. Amen