About Apostle Alvin Payne

Apostle Alvin Payne is a Man of God ,full of faith and power, looking for the Church of God to mature in the things of God. Through sound Biblical teaching and preaching, releasing God's Word to "Raise up the Foundations of many Generations" Isaiah 58:12. Apostle Payne has been pastoring since 2002 with his wife Opal. They have six children through there marriage. Apostle Alvin Payne has also been traveling into various churches in the south jersey region helping to encourage ,support and strengthening the body of Christ.

What Tribe are you from?

Have you ever been someplace and you felt out of place? like to don’t fit in? like you don’t know any body? that happens a lot in our churches/ body of Christ and it is something that we can not ignore anymore. recently I was speaking to someone in the church a minister of the Lord and they shared with me how often they have visited churches and when the thought they would be welcomed and received they were not and not that it is a bad thing because Jesus said we will be rejected. but the thing that the Lord began to teach me when I experienced this very thing was that the Lord showed me that often when i go to a church or ministry and i find myself teaching or instructing others in the way , i have recognized that that is not my tribe. When i find myself working and laboring then i realize that that’s not my tribe. what do i mean??? this how the Lord taught me. Growing up in the church i was in a WORD Church( Literally the Name of the Church is called Word Church of God in the Bronx,NY) and at this church we were taught the Word of God,taught to pray the Word, taught to meditate on the Word , taught to do everything by the Word. No i really mean we did everything through the Word. But as i got older in the faith and began the interact with other believers i got to see that everyone did and or does not have a strong Word life. Some believers have different strengths based on the type of church you attend or attended. some focus on prayer, some on worship, some on praise and many other very important and biblical subjects. but how i began to see what God was saying about tribes was i meet a brother in the Lord and when we had our conversations there was very little instructions that i found myself giving to him but as he spoke the scripture and quoted the scripture it was refreshing to me. then i attended a friends church and when the Pastor was preaching he didn’t do through the ritual of giving a whole lot of stories and poems and other fluffy stuff he got right into the Word of God and began to preach Jesus and i found it to be like him pouring a cold glass of water on me as i have been in the dessert.then i thought OK another word Man, that is developing a word church, then i saw what the Lord was revealing that we are of the same tribe.
So when you’re interacting with people from the same tribe they will be a refreshing to you, God will use them to water you and rejuvenate you versus having you to labor in love . Please by no means is this a rebuke of anything of the sort, it is a way for use to recognized who we are and it helps us to discern how to function without offense and especially without offending anyone. this is my thoughts. You know it’s not about isolating ourselves because WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST but knowing who is who and again how to recognized others. I find that often because of the Apostolic call on my life that i can interact with various different tribes and be blessed by them, but its important to know who’s tribe your from.
Paul said he was from the tribe of Benjamin, Jesus is from the tribe of Judah what tribe are you from(Spiritually) you should know.

Perfection is possible

The question comes up often by the Lord to me when I ask other Christians is can we be perfect and the answer is that they say is no we can’t

But the truth is that we can be perfect because Jesus says in Matthew chapter 5 the last verse that we should be perfect even as our Father which is heaven is perfect and the apostle Paul throughout the epistles speaks of perfection and attaining it. As I was thinking on this the Lord says to me that this perfection is taking on the mind of Christ.
When we get the mind of Christ then we will be perfect because we will think like Christ , we will think like God.

When we get the mind of Christ we will not desires other things of this life or world we will be fee from the bond ages of this life. So as I was thinking or seeing what the Lord was saying is that any Christian that says that they have the mind of Christ but has any addictions, vices, or dependencies does not have the mind of Christ. They are or can be gaining the mind of christ but does not fully posses it. For to posses the mind of Christ will come a total dependency on Jesus and not other things.
Many of us have the things of this life that were still holding on too and we don’t want to let them go. So we do not possess the mind of Christ
For to have His mind you would want to do the things that only please the Lord.

This is walking in perfection or being perfect. Psalm 37 verse 37 says mark the perfect man if we can mark the perfect man then it is something that can be attained but we must be willing to get it.

One other person the Lord showed me was Moses he had the mind of chirst for he stayed 80 days in the presence of the lord with out eating or drinking for when you get to this level of walking with Christ aka the mind of Christ you will not desire the things that this world would need for you to live but you you will live by the faith of the son of God who loved you and gave himself for you. Amen

Prophets and Apostles come forth

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, It has been now 7 months since I last posted something on  WordPress,  so I apologize those following and I look to the Lord to give me what to post and things have been shut down so that I could regroup and clear things up.

God is faithful with all of His promises and I thank God for putting me also into the ministry. I would not change one thing in my life. In everything , give thanks to God.

On Yesterday I was in a service and the Word of the Lord that came to me was that, Jezebel was walking up and down in the church of the Lord and it is time for the Prophets and Apostles to get rid of her. Just like the Prophet Elijah had to deal with her and her prophets of the groves and the prophets that sat at her table 850 of them, when the Apostles and the Prophets are walking in the Power of the Spirit they would be able to take them on and eliminate jezebel.  It time for the men and women who know that they have Apostolic and Prophetic gifts to come forth and stop hiding, it is now time to come forth and help fight the good fight of faith. If your an apostle then acknowledge that’s what you are , if your a prophet then acknowledge that’s what you are. The Lord said many of these men and women have been hurt or scared to acknowledge the call. It is time that you not only acknowledge the call but begin to demonstrate the power of Almighty God in your church , region, city and state. Jezebel must be defeated. Apostle Payne


Rejoice that your name is written in the Lambs book of Life

This is just a nugget to share with you all,

In the training class , we were talking about the weapons of our warfare in spiritual battles, and the Lord showed us that submission is a weapon. When we look at the scripture in James when it tells us to submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee. And in a moment the Lord said that when we submit to God it becomes our spiritual weapon and causes the enemy to be rebuked and because he is proud , the devil flees as we submit to the Holy Spirit and giving ourselves over to Him.



New wine in new wine skins / five kinds of churches.

Shalom to all, I looking over some notes and the Lord showed me to share this on the blog.

Luke 5:36-38

For any true changes to take place and remain effective there must be a true structure to nurture and support it. Our desire is to return to the 1st century church, a church that was true to the great commission and commandments of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of Heaven- Matthew 13:1,2

While reading this scripture today, I began to go a little back to chapter 12:46 then began to read forward and the whole story began to come into prospective. Jesus who is the Master Teacher,  is teaching, casting out devils and doing what the Scriptures say that the Messiah should be doing. The family of Jesus came and wanted to gain access with the Master and it is interesting that He didn’t address them (Mother, brothers or sisters) but pointed to His disciples and called them His mother and brethren. because at this point in the life of Jesus it was not about the natural and earthly family but the heavenly/ Spiritual family that God His Father was having Him to acknowledge.( Remember that which is of the flesh is flesh but that which is of the Spirit is, Spirit. So I can see Jesus, not the Son of Joseph, but Jesus the Son of God, the Ruling , the Reigning, King of the earth, making a statement here.– You all still are seeing me according to the flesh and not by the Spirit. Then we see in chapter 13, Jesus left the house – probably upset that the people still don’t get who He is. He then sits at the sea shore, but then something happens I see Jesus then gets on a boat because of the masses that began to gather around Him and then He got into a ship the Bible says and sat and whole multitudes were on the shore and He began to say these parables or stories about the Kingdom of God. But wait!!!! before we get any further this scene reminds me of another scene in the Word of God, Revelations chapter 4 when the Lamb of God is sitting on the throne and the twenty and four Elders with the four beasts worship the Lord of All the earth before the sea of glass. So Jesus is really displaying how He will sit on the throne before the multitudes as He is sitting in the sea. in the boats before the multitude and it reflects what shall be done in the heavenlies or shall I say what had been done in the heavenlies. (Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven).